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Why Us?

There are other Mental Health companies out there. However, Integrity Telehealth saw the importance of having a company whose sole purpose was making our children and school districts our only priority. We have built a team of former and current school administrators and education professionals that care deeply about every aspect of education and caring for students. Integrity Telehealth truly seeks to assist each district in achieving a common goal. The goal is to equip students, Our Future, and to unleash them into the world with the correct knowledge and unmatched opportunities as healthy individuals, both physically and mentally.

Addressing mental health in schools
Addressing mental health in schools


At Integrity Telehealth (ITH), we know it is essential to communicate through our care. Our goal in communication is to create a support team around each student included in our program. Our staff will work within HIPPA guidelines to obtain permission so that we may communicate with teachers and administration to work together in the treatment of each student. We believe that a team working together will benefit each student in their treatment plans moving forward. ITH believes that everyone on the same page in treatment gives the best chance for positive life change in each individual.


Integrity Telehealth (ITH) understands there are many pressing needs for your district’s staff. At ITH, our goal is not to put any added pressure on your team. ITH has former administrative and educational professionals on staff to act as liaisons for your specific needs. With our team’s skill sets and experience, they will work closely to set schedules and procedures for each district. If your school district prefers, our liaisons will spend time, on campus, facilitating sessions, so your staff doesn’t have to. It is our commitment to offer essential services to students, without adding to your workload.

Addressing mental health in schools
Addressing mental health in schools


Integrity Telehealth (ITH) understands the unique technology needs of school districts. Our Technology Specialist has extensive experience working on the technology in School Districts for the State of Arkansas.

Our specialist will visit your campus and assess your current technology to see how we could integrate our system into your infrastructure. ITH will consult with your technical staff to make sure the system fits into your campus as seamlessly as possible. The district will not need to perform any work or maintenance. We will build a specialized system that will be easy to use, and ITH will be self-sustaining in its operation.


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