The School-Based Mental Health Struggle

School districts across the country struggle with finding the time, money and resources to take care of the many needs of students entrusted to them. As the mental health crisis grows in our schools, the need for innovation in mental health care expands with it.

Therapists Therapists

The demand for therapists in our country has more than doubled in the last three years, as more students, families and teachers recognize their need for mental health services. This dynamic is expected to continue well into the future.

Infrastructure Infrastructure

School districts are designed for learning. And while there has been an effort to expand mental health services in schools, implementation continues to lag far behind.

Overworked Staff Overworked Staff

In a school district with 1,000 students, providing effective mental health services would require five new hires, with three of those being Licensed Mental Health Professionals.

Our Solution

Integrity Telehealth provides an end-to-end solution for school-based behavioral counselling that enables schools to see ALL of their students in need, for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house counsellors.

Our HIPAA-compliant platform manages everything, including student patient enrollment, daily session scheduling and counselling services with regionally located therapists via our secure telehealth kiosk. For school administrators, this leaves only the task of getting each student to the counselling room per the daily schedule, which they can access on their web-enabled computer or mobile device.

"I was bombarded by school districts that were begging for help. I had to find a better way."
- Cliff Preston, Founder
Addressing mental health in schools

Integrity Telehealth Services

Integrity Telehealth offers a solution that meets the challenges of school-based mental health. This involves addressing three major issues:

Therapists Therapists

Infrastructure Infrastructure

Overworked Staff Overworked Staff

HIPAA Compliant Software

HIPAA-Compliant Software

Our software connects students with therapists like never before. This service helps reduce therapist burnout, one of the major challenges of school-based mental health. Integrity Telehealth developed a HIPAA-compliant software that allows therapists be in one location and see children locally and throughout the state. By eliminating travel time and logistics, it reduces the pressures associated with providing school-based mental health care.

HIPAA-Compliant Hardware

To create the best environment for comfort, confidentiality and compliance, Integrity Telehealth has developed an end-to-end HIPAA-compliant solution and manufactures each kiosk to equip partner schools with a state-of-the-art therapy delivery system. Our goal is to create a safe environment that is comfortable for every student. We also help outfit each room with age-appropriate decor and tools to be used in therapy sessions.

HIPAA Compliant Hardware
Scheduling Services

Scheduling Services

Creating minimal workload for school district staff was a passion that lead us to create our Scheduling Services department. It is our mission to enable the school district to concentrate on the important work of day-to-day school operations, while we work to provide clinical therapy services.

District Representatives

Integrity Telehealth deploys District Representatives to our partner districts. While the therapists may not be on campus, our District Representative will be a frequent visitor to your school. District Representatives act as a liaison between the therapist and student, as well as the therapist and staff, enabling us to wrap our services around the student, family and staff, in pursuit of an ideal environment for therapy. Communication through care and reinforcement of therapy at every level will help ensure better outcomes for students, schools, families and communities.

District Representatives
Community Outreach Team

Does This Work?


"Hey team I just want to say telehealth makes a real difference. I was so hesitant to work remotely thinking it wouldn't be the same, couldn't build rapport, etc...

I just want you all to know today I had a teenager girl that I have worked with since January that got up in front of the whole grade telling her story about being suicidal and how it's no joke. Then she proceeded to tell them she had a therapist and gave them my name.

She explained how much I have helped her. It truly melted my heart to hear what she had done because we all know most days we don't feel like we do much. Today a difference was made as she tearfully shared her story."

- Teresa C, Therapist

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